So you’ve found active termites. The first thing to do is not panic!

Timber Pest Inspections.

The most recent CSIRO survey reported 32% of homes had an active termite presence. This has been confirmed by the Institute of Australian Architects whose survey in essence said: of all the homes inspected prior to sale, one third had evidence of previous termite damage.

They also discovered that less than 20% of homes are regularly inspected or serviced by the professional pest control industry. This means more than 80% of us are believing “it won’t happen to me”. With 15 years industry expertise, this scares us, as we have discovered the first rule of termites is “Never say never!” – especially in the Top End!

While most pest managers offer a Termite Inspection service, we’re raising the bar in the industry by offering a Timber Pest Inspection as standard. This not only includes an inspection and report on Termites, but also Fungal decay (wet and dry rot), Timber Borers and Chemical delignification.

Our comprehensive inspection and photographic report will identify all timber pest activity, existing damage and conducive elements, using a tried and tested “Room by Room” inspection methodology. Thorough inspections are also carried out to all areas of the property including Roof cavities, Roof exteriors, gardens and outbuildings and are compliant with Australian Standard AS4349.1-2010 (Inspection of buildings – Timber Pest Inspections)

We will also advise on anything that you can do to reduce the risk of timber pest attack to your home, and present to you the best preventative management solutions available.

With over 10 years industry expertise, and an estimated 7200 Timber Pest Inspections carried out, you can be assured of the quality and integrity of our inspection services.

termite larvae growing

Termite Treatments

So you’ve found active termites. The first thing to do is not panic!

While the most important thing is to eliminate the active termites, it is also extremely important to consider all options and ensure that the treatment you accept is carried out by a licensed and insured pest manager, and is the best solution for your home.

A termite treatment can only be considered successful once the offending termites have been eradicated from your home and the house protected from further attack. There are only three recognised methods to ensure success; direct destruction/treatment of the nest, indirect treatment by termite baiting, or indirect treatment by dust or foam termiticide application. “Spraying” for termites has been off the list since the mid-90’s, yet there’s still operators doing this!

With 15 years industry leading expertise, Instinct Pest Management will only ever carry out a treatment that is industry recognised and will only do so according to Australian Standards and Manufacturer’s directions.

Our goal is to help you, call us and we will tell you how.

What to do when you’ve found active termites

  • Don’t panic.

  • Minimise disturbing the activity, as termites can retract from disturbed areas making them difficult to locate again. We need activity present to carry out a successful treatment!

  • DO NOT go searching for more activity/damage. This can further disturb the colony. We have years of experience doing this in ways that will maximise our chances of successful treatment.

  • DO NOT spray with insecticides, water or any other solvents.

  • Cover the disturbed areas with tape. This is to stop any cold air or pollutants entering the termite workings. Termites are extremely sensitive to changes in their environment.

  • Call Instinct Pest Management, you will become our priority and we will see you shortly – Often the same day.

Termite Prevention and management

Prevention is better than a cure, especially when the end result is your home and money! Whilst no insurance policy will cover termite attack or damage, the “next best thing” is ensuring your property is proactively protected.

Instinct Pest Management have proven to be the experts in chemical soil treatments using industry acclaimed termiticides such as Termidor and Biflex. We are also one of the only small businesses in Darwin accredited to use Termidor HE, which is the latest technology in Australia to protect your home from termites.

All our treatments are carried out to Australian Standards as a minimum and we’ll go out of our way to exceed those standards where possible. Because of that, BASF have accredited us to offer their 5 year/$1million timber replacement warranty to our customers. Call us to see if your house qualifies.

Termite Risk Reduction

While no home is safe from termite attack, there are some that are more susceptible to attack than others. Through our many years of experience, we can advise, rectify and modify your property to make it one of the least attractive to termites in your neighbourhood, keeping you one step ahead of possible termite and costly repair bills!

We also carry out localised treatments to ground nests and canes, and have the equipment available to drill and camera inspect large trees that may contain termite nests.

pest inspection by a man with boots

Termite Prevention and management

  • Redirect Hot Water and Air Conditioning overflow pipes at least 1m away from the house.

  • Remove all loose and stored timber from the property, including firewood and cardboard, or store at least 300mm above ground to allow a termite inspection zone.

  • Minimise watering of gardens abutting the house, or relocate entirely

  • Repair any leaking taps, gutters and downpipes or divert away from the house.

  • Ensure all weepholes and vent faces are completely exposed to allow proper ventilation and prevent concealed termite access.

  • Where possible allow 75mm exposure of the concrete slab the entire way around the home.

  • Contact Instinct Pest management to arrange your annual Timber Pest Inspection as recommended by Australian Standard 3660.2!